Replying to Reviews Can Be Tricky, Here are Five Steps to Get You Started

published on 06 December 2021

Since the release of iOS 10.3, we’re living in the brave, new world of app review replies. As with most changes, what may seem daunting at first is actually a huge opportunity for your company if leveraged correctly. Here are five steps we recommend when replying to a review, good or bad:

Respond to reviews quickly. We’ve ripped this page right out of the customer service bible, so we’re assuming this is already a ground-rule in your customer service process. Either way, timeliness is just as crucial in review replies. A quick response conveys value to the customer and to others who may be following your response. Develop the mindset that customer reviews are as important as a customer’s email or phone call.

Show your appreciation. Don’t forget to thank the customer for their interest and feedback. This communicates to your reviewers that their time is valuable. They have invested customers, and their business keeps the doors open.

Reviews are gold. A customer who takes the time to review your app is providing much-needed feedback. Think of customer reviews as free user research, and take notes.

Stay consistent with brand voice. Is your brand nerdy? You can frequently offer tech specs in your responses. If your brand personality is funny, don’t shy away from a little sass or humor. Now that you have the opportunity to interact with customers who leave a review, it’s crucial to view this feature as another social platform for your brand.

Review replies can make fans. Once you understand that the reviews section is another social media platform for a brand, then you can focus on turning customers into fans of the brand, and turning fans into ambassadors.

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