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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Flow?
A flow is the connection of a review page to an account. For example, connecting iOS app reviews to Slack is a single flow. Another second flow could connect Android app reviews to Zendesk. And a third flow could generate status reports for an Amazon product and email them to you.
What's the difference between a Basic and Pro Flow?
Pro Flows provide additional features over Basic Flows such as review translations or monitoring reviews globally. It's super simple to get started, as you are creating your first flow, choose the features you want, and we'll clearly indicate which features would make it a Pro Flow.
What review pages do you support?
At the moment we support the iOS App Store, Google Play apps for Android, Yelp business pages, Amazon Products, Google My Business, iTunes for podcasts, and Mac apps.
What accounts do you support for notifications?
We support Slack, email, Zendesk, and Twitter. Microsoft Teams and Intercom are coming soon.
How often do you scan for reviews?
Our bots determine how frequently to scan for reviews based on your review velocity. We start off with scanning every 40 minutes and that can go up to a few hours. The bots are constantly learning and adjusting that time to optimize and deliver the reviews to you as fast as possible.
What happens if I switch to annual or change my plan?
All charges are prorated. This means that you'll only pay for what you use. If you go to a lower plan, you'll get credits applied to your account automatically. If you switch to annual billing half way through the month, since you paid for the full month, that will be discounted from the first billing cycle.

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