If you want your business to be able to complete, then you must have reviews. Without them, you’ve got no social proof — why would anyone pick you, as opposed to your competitors?

Historically, Yelp has been one of the major online social review platforms. It may have lost some of its edge, but it’s still a big player. If you want to give your business the best chance to succeed, you need to be on Yelp, acquiring reviews.

Not sure how to get Yelp reviews? Don’t worry.

This article will cover 14 proven and safe ways to get more reviews on Yelp.

Here's Why You Need Yelp Reviews

Your business needs Yelp reviews because Yelp is still one of the biggest online review platforms. Over 178 million unique visitors visit the platform per month, which is quite a lot.

A better question would be, why do you need reviews as a business?

The answer is simple — they help you get more customers, and make more money.

But what do reviews do specifically? They help build social proof, which in turn improves customer trust. These two things will lead to more leads and ultimately more sales.

Get Yelp Reviews: 14 Proven Ways Explained

Below, you’ll find 14 proven and safe ways to get more reviews on Yelp.

1. Claim Your Yelp Business Page

Your business might actually already be up on Yelp — if it is, you absolutely must claim it. Doing so will provide you with some benefits that’ll help you get reviews on the platform. These include the ability to:

  • Add photos
  • Add a link to your website
  • Add business hours
  • Add a phone number
  • Track user views and customer leads
  • Respond to reviews
  • Create a Yelp Deal
  • Create a check-in offer

To claim your page, go biz.yelp.com and click Manage my free listing.

You’ll then need to look up your business. You can select different countries, provide a postal code, and a business name.

If nothing comes up then this means a Yelp page for your business doesn’t exist. You’ll be able to create one on the next page.

Either way, you should now have complete control of your Yelp business page.

2. Optimize Your Yelp Business Page

With complete control of your Yelp business page, you can now begin to optimize it. Adding all the appropriate information will help you not only secure business, but get reviews.

Start by making sure your opening hours and Google Maps location is correct.

Don’t forget a phone number and website address.

Then add some photos of your business. Try to get a variety of high-quality shots.

You should also complete the About the Business section. This should be a short blurb of your business — what you do/offer, your history, and mission.

After those key areas, you can finish the rest of the more industry/business specific stuff.

Your Yelp business profile is essential to not only gaining more customers but getting more reviews. Prioritize it. Optimize it.

You should now create a link that goes directly to the “Write a Review” page for your Yelp listing. This is important because we’ll share it on a number of platforms to get you more Yelp reviews. Places like social media, your own website, or perhaps through email.

A direct link is important because it’ll make it as easy as possible for individuals to write Yelp reviews. One click and they’re already there.

To create one, simply go to your Yelp business listing “Write a Review” page and copy the link.

As you can, see the link goes straight to the submission page.


Pretty cool, hey? Without this link, you’d be forcing your followers/email list/website visitors to do extra work. They’d have to search your Yelp business page themselves, and then click on the “Write a Review” button.

If they have to go out of the way to give you a review, they probably won’t even bother. The easier you can make it for them, the more likely they’ll actually follow through.

There is, however, one problem with the link — it’s too long. We must make it shorter.

We can use Bitly for that.

Scroll down to the URL shortener tool on the homepage, and enter your link.

Look how short and tidy the link now is.


Now you have a nice short link that goes directly to the “Write a Review” page of your Yelp listing. Many of the strategies in this post will involve this link, which is why this step is so important.

4. Create a Yelp Deal

Yelp allows you as a business to create special discounts called “Yelp deals” to help get you more customers. Users of the platform can claim these deals straight from your Yelp business page. The individuals who use Yelp deals are generally active members, meaning they’ll probably give you a review.

5. Host a Yelp Event

If you want to get your business relevant and off the ground, perhaps try hosting a Yelp event.

Yelp events are a way for local businesses and vendors to interact with local Yelp users. You can send out invites to local Yelpers and Yelper elite. A local community ambassador will help you set it all up.

To create an event, simply go to the Yelp events page, select your city and then hit the “create an event” button.

6. Create a Check-In Offer

Depending on the nature of your business, you might be eligible to create a “check-in offer.”

Check-in offers are special rewards given to Yelpers that check in to your business. When they check in on the platform, it’s broadcasted to all their friends. They provide a way for you to market your business on Yelp and strengthen customer loyalty.

To create a check-in offer, follow these 4 steps:

  • Go to biz.yelp.com and login
  • Select Check-in Offers
  • Select Create a Check-in Offer
  • Edit the offer as you see fit

NOTE: As stated before, not all business/industry types are eligible.

7. Respond to Existing Reviews

One of the easiest ways to encourage customers to leave a Yelp review is to show you respond to them. When they see you value their thoughts, opinions, and criticisms, it empowers them to have a say.

Try to respond to as many reviews on your Yelp page as possible. The more the better.

However, you should ensure your reply with a response that’s appropriate. Avoid generic, copied and pasted responses — that’ll do more harm than good.

The optimal response will depend largely on the rating and content of the review they give you. The right response will be different for positive and negative reviews.

Positive Reviews

For positive reviews, show them you appreciate their support of your business. They’ve chosen you, as opposed to all the other alternatives available. Let them know how you feel — use emojis and exclamation marks if possible.

Negative Reviews

When it comes to dealing with negative reviews, adhere to the “customer is always right” concept. Avoid being negative and confrontational. This will only make them angrier with you. Instead, humble yourself and accept their criticism — try to address their problems — provide solutions.


Regardless of whether you’re responding to a positive or negative review, ensure you use their name. It’s the sweetest word to him or her.

Respond Fast

Like personalization, responding fast to reviews is really important. Try to make it a habit of responding within a few days, a week at most.

An awesome place to ask for reviews is your website footer. You can put a CTA button there, which leads your website visitors to your Yelp business page. Use the free button Yelp provides on its brand page.

9. Create an Entire Page on Your Website Dedicated to Yelp Reviews

The footer of your website isn’t the only place you should target — why not create an entire page?

This page will show off your existing yelp reviews, while also asking for more reviews with a CTA button. The reviews should also be embedded, not screenshots — this provides SEO benefits.

To help create this page you can get the embed codes straight from your reviews.

Alternatively, you could also use an embed tool — here are some good options

The great thing about this strategy is that it uses social proof to get you both more business AND reviews.

10. Create a Review Pop Up For Your Website

Another website strategy to get more Yelp reviews is to create a review popup. Every time an individual visits your website, they’ll be shown this popup, asking them to give you a review. It can appear on every page of your website, or only one. It’s your choice.

To maximize the effectiveness of your popup, here are some best practice guidelines:

  • Use your direct link
  • Make it “exit intent”
  • Use a bright button color that stands out
  • Write some persuasive copy to entice them

11. Run Email Marketing Campaigns

Do you have an email list? Hopefully, you do, because running email marketing campaigns are a great way to get more Yelp reviews.

There are a variety of ways to get reviews utilizing email marketing. One of the best ways is to create an “autoresponder sequence.”

An autoresponder sequence is an order of emails that are sent in sequential order. The sequence is started by a “trigger,” which is a specific action individuals on your email list take. This action could be:

  • Purchasing a product or service
  • Signing up to your email list/webinar/class
  • Downloading something, like an eBook, video or PDF document

Every individual trigger gives you an opportunity to create a new autoresponder sequence. Think of all the opportunities you have to ask for a Yelp review.

To run effective email campaigns, you’ll need an email service provider. Here are some good options:

Another strategy you can use to get more Yelp reviews is to add a Yelp button to your email signature.

If you didn’t know already, your email signature is at the bottom of your email you send. Adding a Yelp button here will dramatically increase your chances of getting a review.

Yelp offers a free button image you can use from its brand page.

You can stick this in your email signature, sending individuals to your business page.

Or alternatively, you can send them straight to the “Write a Review” page with your direct link.

Either way is good. Whatever suits you.

This is an easy way to get more reviews from your email marketing — every email sent is another opportunity.

13. Post Your Direct Link on Instagram

Another method you can use to get more reviews is social media — Instagram specifically.

By putting your direct link in your bio, you can funnel your followers to your “Write a Review” page.

You can then promote your bio link with new posts with the caption “link in bio.”

14. Post Your Direct Link on Facebook

Facebook is another awesome social media platform that’ll help you get more Yelp reviews. Simply post your direct link in text posts and the captions of images and videos.


This article covered 14 proven and safe ways to get more reviews on Yelp.

Yelp reviews are essential if you want your business to be able to compete. They help improve your social proof, get more leads and sales, and improve customer satisfaction and trust.

You’d be making a huge mistake ignoring yelp reviews.

If you’ve got any questions, or need some help, leave a comment below.